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Vents CleanBox NOx Carbon, Polution & Pollen Indoor Air Quality Filter Box

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  • A complete clean air solution for indoor air quality in one box.
  • Filter out air particles & pollen down to PM2.5 and NOx (NO & NO2) from car fumes and traffic pollution with replaceable filter cassettes.
  • Supplied with G4 & F8 high capacity pleated cassette filters & an activated carbon cell cassette filter.
  • Unique, slotted filter casing for easy access to filter cartridges.
  • Conform to EN 779 and helps meet indoor air quality levels conforming to EU Directive 2008/50/EC.
  • German engineered technology and design specifically for residential properties in built up areas.

Vent Cleanbox offers the very best combination of filtration to provide clean air into your home reducing pollen, dust particles, pollution from car exhaust fumes and volatile organise compounds (VOC's).

Buy utilising a triple layer of filters within a heat recovery ventilation system, the following levels of air purification can be achieved:

  • G4 Grade - A high grade synthetic air pre-filter down to PM10 (Particulate Matter), general dust & airborne pollutants.
  • F8 Grade - A high grade synthetic air filter down to PM2.5 (Particulate Matter), pollen,& mould spores, fungi, bacteria and viruses.
  • Activated Carbon - NOx (Nitrous Oxide), car exhaust fumes and traffic pollution, Nitrogen Dioxide and other airborne gasses & odours.

Vent Cleanbox provides the perfect solution for heat recovery ventilation systems introducing clean, filtered air into flats, apartments, houses and offices in built-up areas. In addition, higher levels of heat reclamation can be made by protecting the energy core from dust and airborne particles. A cleaner heat recovery unit means more energy saved.