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Passive Wall Vent Condensation Mould & Humidity Control Background Positive & Negative Air Ventilator with Filter & Draft Excluder

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  • For use in 100mm, 4" dia walls where fresh air intake or extract is passively required.
  • Anti-draught, washable filter vapour permeable membrane included.
  • Fitted with an iris type shutter from fully open to fully closed.
  • Passive airflow regulation is control with a slider switch or pull cored if mounted at high level.
  • Use in conjunction with all types of ventilation condensation, mold and humidity control.

Fantronix Passive Ventilation Vent Grilles are used as a passive condensation, mould, humidity and moisture control solution. They work either on their own, on in conjunction with a positive ventilation system (PIV), a constant negative ventilation system, additional background ventilation or matched with a mechanical extract system. Simply put, they aid the movement of air in or out of a building.

Condensation, moisture, humidity, and air movement is regulated by adjusting the iris type shutter inside the passive vent. A small slider as the bottom of the grille allows adjustment from fully open to fully closed. A pull cord is also provided if the vent is mounted at high level.

When using as a fresh air intake vent, the internal membrane filter acts as a barrier against noise, dust and airborne particles entering your kitchen, wet rooms, habitable and living areas.

When used as part of a central positive ventilation pressure system, especially in rooms that have high levels of dirty humid air such as bathrooms, shower, kitchens and utility rooms, adjustment can be made to increase airflow through the passive vent by simply opening the iris shutter. This is particularly effective for rooms with damp, condensation, and mould problems.