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In Line Bathroom Kitchen Extractor Fan Tube Mixed Flow Loft Mounted Ventilator

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  • Highly efficient range of mixed flow extractor fans.
  • Airflow rates up to 520 m3/hour - 144 l/second.
  • 4, 5 & 6" (100, 125 & 150mm) duct diameter sizes.
  • Supplied with or without a run-on timer or with a UK plug & power cord.
  • 5 Year Fantronix warranty.

Product Main Description

Fantronix FTX Tube Fans are available in three different duct sizes and can be easily conencted to 100, 125 & 150mm diameter plastic, solid or flexible ducting. They can be wired to household electrics to operate high & low speeds (trickle/boost) via a separate switch or just on/off. Or alternatively, if you choose the timer version, the fan will opperate via a switch live connection from your lighting circuit. This will allow the fan to run on for a preset period of time (2 to 30 mins). We also have a version with a UK plug and lead which is the preferred choice for hobbyists, modeller's and horticulturalists.

FTX Inline tube fans can be used separately as supply or extract ventilators and work comfortably with inline filters heaters and coolers. The smaller size fans are commonly used for residential bathrooms, kitchens and wet rooms where using through the wall fans are not possible. Medium to large sized FTX Tube Fans are used for a large variety of supply and extract ventilation systems such as offices, catering applications and larger rooms or buildings.

Fantronix Tube Fans are fitted with long life ball bearing German motors, mixed flow impellers and special air straitening gators to improve overall airflow, efficiency and help to reduce excess noise.


  • Superb range of general purpose in-line mixed flow fans.
  • Three circular duct sizes: 100, 125 & 150mm (4, 5 & 6").
  • Supplied with or without a run-on timer or UK plug & power cord option.
  • Airflows up to 144 l/s - 520 m3/hour.
  • 5 Year Fantronix warranty.
  • Casing made of flame retardant polypropylene.
  • 2-speed German ball bearing motors used.
  • Can be installed anywhere in a ducted ventilation system.
  • Equipped with thermal overload protection.
  • Removable central section for easy cleaning.

Great for:

  • Domestic, commercial & industrial extract or supply ventilation systems.
  • Bathrooms, toilets, wet rooms, hydroponics & general purpose ventilation
  • Hobbyists, modelers and indoor gardeners.
  • Suitable for short & medium length duct runs.
  • Where low and high-speed settings are required.
  • Easy access and maintenance.
How to Wire a Fantronix FTX Tube Fan with a Run-on Timer

Fantronix FTX Tube Fan Downloads

FTX TUBE 100 - Data Sheet

FTX TUBE 100 T with Timer - Data Sheet

FTX TUBE 100 R2 with UK Plug & Lead - Data Sheet

FTX TUBE 125 - Data Sheet

FTX TUBE 125 T with Timer - Data Sheet

FTX TUBE 125 R2 with UK Plug & Lead - Data Sheet

FTX TUBE 150 - Data Sheet

FTX TUBE 150 T with Timer - Data Sheet

FTX TUBE 150 R2 with UK Plug & Lead - Data Sheet