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Plastic Solid Ducting
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Plastic Solid Ducting

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From: 2.36 (Incl. VAT @ 20%)

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100mm, 350mm Long 2.36
100mm, 500mm Long 2.57
100mm, 1m Long 5.91
100mm, 1.5m Long 7.54
125mm, 350mm Long 2.86
125mm, 500mm Long 3.86
125mm, 1m Long 7.14
125mm, 1.5m Long 10.54
150mm, 350mm Long 3.41
150mm, 500mm Long 4.65
150mm, 1m Long 8.23
150mm, 1.5m Long 12.54
200mm, 500mm Long 10.96
200mm, 1m Long 19.43
200mm, 1.5m Long 25.43

Plastic Solid Ducting

Our Plastic Solid Ducting is robust, versatile and easy to cut; making it the best solution for your ventilation system. The smooth surface of the ducting makes it a better option than flexible duct, as it causes less airflow resistance. Thus having a less dramatic effect on your fans performance.

  • Manufactured from flame retardant polymer.
  • Lightweight with simple to fit connections for duct fittings, extractor fans and air terminal devices.
  • Available in 100mm, 125mm & 150mm Diameters.
  • Plastic solid ducting is available in precut lengths: 350mm, 1000mm & 2000mm.

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